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Josef Kovář Patrik Kotas
Studio SILFOR s.r.o. Design and Architecture Studio

JOSEF KOVÁŘ is the author of 150 inventions (patents Czech Republic, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, England, France ...) from the field of engineering.
Among the most important projects we appoint a solution of the leveling system of relocation of the church in Most town, type series of wheelchairs, conceptual design of vehicles Terrier and Bullterrier, solving kinematic structures of prostheses, the R&D project of Tatra Beta, a self-propelled mechanism solutions for mining nodules from the seabed, technology to maintain surface water quality, to apply correction products, physical methods for reducing the proliferation of cyanobacteria ... and more.

Ing. arch. PATRIK KOTAS besides unique architectural
designs and constructions of transport infrastructure
has designed a wide range of public transport
vehicles (metro trains, trams, buses, ...)
VCA collaboration with his studio is based in the
original design of the electric bus SOR EBN with Kotas's
typical handwriting, which is being developed under
the project TAČR ALFA2.







Measurement and testing

Mechanical testing

Standard tests
  • Tension tests (up to 0.5 m/s)
  • Compression tests (up to 6 m/s)
  • Three-point bending tests (up to 6 m/s)

Fatigue tests

  • Low-cycle fatigue – Manson-Coffin curves
  • High-cycle fatigue – S-N curves

Fracture toughness tests

  • KIc
  • J-R curve
  • Master curve
  • Measurement of fatigue crack propagation rate
  • Determining the threshold stress intensity factor for fatigue crack propagation

Measurement of stress-strain characteristics – input data used predominantly for computer simulations

  • Measurement of work hardening during plastic deformation

  • Flow stress measurement from -150 °C up to 1300 °C