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for Automotive and Machinery.


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About Company

Vision Consulting Automotive or shortly VCA, established in April 2007 by a team experienced in the automotive industry, focuses on automotive testing and certification services. Especially with a wide experience on virtual testing, testing and certification of vehicles, systems, components and separate technical units according to UN and EU legislations, VCA supports manufacturers and design offices for type approval processes. Key members of the whole team has strong experience from Motor Vehicles Research institute (later TÜV UVMV and TÜV Süd Auto CZ, today TÜV SÜD CZ) in Prague.

There are main following activities of VCA: support of R&D in Automotive, virtual prototyping and testing, full scale testing, CAE technologies, general analysis of strength and stiffness using finite elements method (FEM) with focusing on automotive structures.

VCA cooperates with a number of approval authorities (SGS TÜV Germany, TÜV SÜD GermanyTÜV SÜD CZDEKRAAutókut …) and is able to offer a complex support of development for our clients.

Our vision

  • to make free and independent considerations and decisions
  • to make bold innovation and development
  • to communicate with our clients efficiently
  • to regard with our own work critically
  • to follow the market and to honour our competitors

Our mission

  • we work with top high-tech equipment to offer good-class and fast service to our clients
  • we work to our clients will be fully satisfied and happy, no for commercial success only
  • working with ethical principals is our competitive advantage

  • we work because we enjoy our work

What we offer?

  • high technological level with last up-grade equipment of hw a sw
  • experienced and flexible staff
  • long time experience and good reference in Automotive field
  • clear orientation to quality and fast service together with good knowledge of automotive legislative qualification
  • very competitive prices