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There are main following activities of VCA: general analysis of strength and stiffness using finite elements method (FEM) with focusing on automotive structures.

VCA cooperates with a number of approval authorities (SGS TÜV Germany, TÜV SÜD Germany, DLG e.V. Germany, TÜV SÜD CZDEKRAAutókut …) and is able to offer a complex support of development for our clients.

VCA offers calculation and following solutions for:

  • problems of linear and nonlinear statics solved with FEM
  • problems of nonlinear dynamics in range of elastic-plastic deformations (FEM)
  • problems of nonlinear dynamics of rigid bodies (MBS)
  • complex contact problems
  • traffic accident analysis
  • approval calculations according to EC and ECE Regulations, eg.
  • ambulance technic strength according to the DIN EN 1789 and DIN EN 1865
  • strength of a racing car rollcage accorging to the FIA Regulations
  • fatigue analyses of mechanical parts and structures
  • polycriterial optimization of mechanical structures
  • another technical calculations and their programming
  • creating FE meshes and models for demanding clients (eg. ŠKODA AUTO a.s.)

VCA provides independently or in cooperation with business partners many other services:

  • design of mechanical structures
  • basic material tests
  • strain-gauge and other technical measurements and their analysis
  • consulting service in strength and design of mechanical structures
  • preparation and technical support for approval applications
  • other engineering services